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What is RCI?
A. RCI is a vacation exchange company that enables you to trade a Week of your vacation ownership for a different resort or time. RCI also offers a number of other benefits created to heighten your enjoyment of vacationing and travel. See for details.

Q. What does it mean to deposit my week with RCI?
A. If you decide to go somewhere else instead of returning to your resort, you can give or "deposit" your Vacation Week with RCI and request a vacation at a different RCI-affiliated resort or for another time at your resort. RCI will make the Vacation Week you deposited available to other RCI Members.

Q. When should I deposit my week?
A. Look at the start date of the Week you own. You can deposit your Week any time from two years to 14 days before that date. If you don't plan to use that Vacation Week, it's a good idea to deposit it as soon as you can. Depositing early maximized your Trading Power and increases the likelihood that you'll get the resort of your choice at the time of year you request.

Q. How does RCI match exchange vacation?
A. When you deposit your Vacation Week, it is assigned a value known as its Trading Power. When you want to make an Exchange, we try to match your Trading Power with a deposited week of similar value. Trading Power is based on a combination of six factors:
1. How soon you deposit your Vacation Week.
2. The supply, demand, and usage for your Home Resort. Higher demand for Weeks at a
    resort increases the Trading Power.
3. The supply, demand, and usage for your resort's region. Again, higher demand
    increases Trading Power.
4. Comment Card ratings for your Home Resort. Ratings are based on comments we
    receive from RCI Weeks Members who have vacationed at your Home Resort. High
    scores increase a resort's Trading Power.
5. The size and configuration of your unit, including the maximum number of people it can
    accommodate and the privacy of its configuration. In general, larger units increase
    Trading Power.
6. The seasonal designation of your Vacation Week.

Q. How long do I have to travel on an Exchange Vacation against my deposited week?
A. Look at the start date of the Vacation Week you deposited. You may exchange any time from one year before that date to two years after that date.

Q. When should I request a Vacation Exchange?
A. We urge you to make your Exchange request as early as possible to get the full benefit of being able to request two years in advance. The more time you allow us to search for your desired resort accommodations, the greater the opportunity for a match.

Q. Why do I have to pay a subscription fee to RCI?
A. Your RCI Membership is kept up to date through your subscription to Endless Vacation magazine. We cannot fulfill any Exchange Requests for dates that occur after the subscription expires.

Q. Why do I have to pay a fee to RCI to trade my week?
A. When you request a Vacation Week, RCI charges an Exchange fee to process and complete the trade.

Q. What if I need to check in on a different day than has been confirmed?
A. Each Vacation Exchange is arranged for the dates shown on the confirmation. Members who plan to arrive later than the check-in time should notify the resort in advance so that suitable arrangements can be made.
Checking in late will not extend the prearranged check-out time on your confirmation.

Q. Can I send a friend or relative on an exchange vacation?
A. Yes! If you are not traveling on an Exchange Vacation, you can add a Guest Certificate so that family or friends who are at least 21 years of age may travel instead. The Guest Certificate will place the confirmation in your guests' names and ensure they have no problem checking in. You may purchase Guest Certificates for an additional fee and use them for Exchange Vacations as well as Bonus Vacations.

Q. If I want to go back to my Home Resort, do I have to make an exchange through RCI?
A. If you are interested in visiting your home resort for the week that you own, you do NOT need to make an exchange through RCI. However, once you have deposited your vacation time with RCI, all exchanges, including any back to your home resort are arranged through RCI. Remember, even if you use your Home Resort you may still buy Bonus Vacations at any time.

Q. Can RCI arrange my air and car rental at the same time as I confirm my vacation?
A. Yes. RCI Travel, powered by Cheap Tickets, is our full-service no-fee travel agency, providing you with expert assistance and substantial Members-only discounts on airfare, rental cars, hotel stays, vacation packages, and more.

Q. What is the RCI Community online?
A. It's our FREE neighborhood on the Web, where you can read Members' travel journals, write a journal of your own, post vacation photos, and even earn Community Credits to redeem for merchandise, frequent-flier miles, and more. Log onto to register today!

Q. What other benefits does RCI offer?
A. Bonus Vacations — Enjoy last-minute resort vacations without having to deposit your Vacation Week or attend a sales presentation.
Vacation insurance — Protect yourself against natural disasters, illness that prevents you from going on your exchange, or the inconvenience that comes with lost luggage by purchasing insurance with your vacation exchange.
Guest Certificates — Guest Certificates make fabulous, but affordable, gifts for anyone at least 21 years of age. You may purchase Guest Certificates for an additional fee and use for Exchange Vacations as well as Bonus Vacations.
PADI — RCI has teamed up with Professional Association of Diving Instructors to offer programs at special, Member-only rates. Start your program at home and complete your open-water coursework while you're on vacation. Call 1-877-527-7234 for more information.
Online Community Travel Store — Shop in the Travel Store to find deals and discounts exclusively for RCI Members, on travel bookings and merchandise.
RCI Travel — Enjoy exclusive discounts and offers on airfare, car rentals, accommodations, vacation packages, and more from your full-service travel agency, powered by Cheap Tickets. Plus, pay NO agency service fees on any of your travel purchases.